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Smart Grid Participation Registration

Dear Potential Smart Grid Reviewer:

Under the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is assigned primary responsibility to coordinate development of a framework that includes protocols and model standards for information management to achieve interoperability of Smart Grid devices and systems. There is an urgent need to establish these standards.

The NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Release 1.0 is an output of NIST’s approach to expediting development of key standards and requirements that will enable the networked devices and systems that make up the envisioned Smart Grid to communicate and work with each other. Within the Smart Grid Framework, NIST has identified existing and draft standards that could be applied to meet Smart Grid needs. In support of this role, NIST has requested that ANSI take the lead in securing access to these standards and hosting them on a secure website. Access to this site will be password-protected.

You have been identified as playing a potential role in the review of the identified standards.

You can obtain access to these standards by completing the following registration form and accepting the End User License Agreement.

An acknowledgement email will be sent to you that will include your submitted information. A separate email will then be sent which will include a log-in ID, password and link to the standards repository.

Please email with any questions or system related issues.

Thank you.


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By clicking "Accept License" below, I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the license agreements attached hereto in Exhibits 1-6 ( ASHRAE, CEA, IEEE, ISA, NEMA, SAE) for the Smart Grid Standards Repository, Exhibits 7-13 (ASHRAE, CEA, IEEE, NEMA, ASHRAE Amendment, CEA Amendment, NEMA Amendment) for the Smart Grid Cyber Security Standards Repository and Exhibits 14-23 ( AASHTO/ITE/NEMA, ASHRAE, ATIS, CableLabs, CEA, Demand Response Research Center, DMTF, ETSI, HomePlug Powerline Alliance, IEEE, IETF, ISA, ITU-T, NEMA, Multispeak Alliance (NRECA), NAESB, OASIS, OPC Foundation, Open Geospatial Consortium, SAE, UCAIug, W3C and ZigBee Alliance) for the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) standards portal as a permitted "Recipient" of the materials licensed thereby. I further agree to abide by all security measures imposed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and/or any licensor with respect to accessing such materials.

Access to the standards is strictly for SGIP review purposes and not for commercial use. Recipients are not permitted to republish, modify, condense, or abbreviate the Licensed Materials. ANSI and the Recipients may download a copy of the Licensed Materials solely for the group's internal review for the purposes of identifying standards to be added to the SGIP catalog of standards. By downloading a copy ANSI and Recipients agree to this limitation, agree to make additional copies only as required for such internal review; agree not to make any copies available in any form to persons outside of these groups; and agree not to collect any fees for copies or access.

I agree to sign any additional agreements as may be requested by ANSI from time to time as a result of updated or additional materials being made available as a condition of continued access to the licensed materials. I specifically agree that ANSI retains discretion to terminate my access to the materials in the event of my failure to comply with the terms of this agreement or any license agreement incorporated herein. If ANSI revokes this license for any reason, I shall cease any and all use of all versions of the materials within five (5) business days of my receipt of any notice of revocation.

ANSI makes no warranties or representations regarding the materials and hereby disclaims all such warranties, representations, or liability to Recipients. IN NO EVENT SHALL ANSI OR LICENSOR SHALL HAVE ANY LIABILITY TO RECIPIENT OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR RECIPIENT'S USE OF THE MATERIALS OR ACTIONS WITH RESPECT THERETO.